Saturday, May 23, 2009

Is it summer yet????

By looking at my last blog in March about the beginning of spring, it seems like I may post once a season!!!!!!!! Not really, just time passing so fast and every day bringing us another reason to be busy and not at the computer (not so bad!!!!)

Spring does bring an additional series of responsibilites and time consumers-----yard work, grass cutting, planting, weeding and general outside time. Add in soccer season, baseball season, end of scouting events, etc. etc. summer in knocking on the door!!!!
Kids are all doing well and bringing joy and excitement to every day.......Andrew is nearing end of 3rd grade and has excelled in his reading....He has earned so many rewards it is unbelievable. Hope to keep the reading and math excitement up during the summer, between bike rides and trampouline jumping!!!!!
Emily loved 1st grade. She recently moved over from Daisies to Brownies and had our first mother/daughter sleep over. It was so much fun. About a week later, she fell off the monkey bars at school recess and broke her right wrist. Thankful for no other injuries and seems to be healing.
And then there's, funny, spirited Daniel!!!! I know he loves the Steelers but he is rooting for the Penguins now.....He is such a sports fan it is unbelievable .......He is done with preschool and will go to Mt. Olive's Pre-K class this fall. His speech has improved dramatically from a 26 month old level last May to a 50 month old level this May!!!! As he would say....Purrrrrrfect!!!!! He's been fishing as much as he can and just runs, runs, runs all over the place.
Life is good, always interesting......I promise to post again before the first leaf falls!!!!