Friday, November 27, 2009

First snow

We had our first visible snowfall this morning, around 8am......Enjoyed the day with kids and Scott being off.

Did a little morning shopping, not as crazy about deals as some friends and glad not to be heart broken when deals were sold out. Got a few good items and that's good enough for me.

Can't believe how many people are done with their Christmas Shopping already. Not me.....not a whole lot to buy but like to spread it out a little. Sending out Christmas cards seems to be my big annual challenge that I am hoping to easily conquer this year. We'll see.

Can't wait to post a picture of our first snowman!!!! Maybe later than sooner!!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family. Great time of year to reflect on big and little things in life to be thankful for.

Each of the five of us probably would answer "what are you thankful for" differently....But generally we are all so thankful for friends who fill each of our days, family who warm us with memories, good health, and just happy to have Scott employed and a house we can afford.....

Soccer season is over but Emily and Andrew are starting basketball this week. They are both excited.....Daniel loves cheering them on and taking pictures. We love the friendships we all make during these sport outings.

Blessings to all and may all of you reflect on each of your blessings......

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Even though my blog is seeming to be seasonal, I just don't always get to posting like I would like to. But I think about it alot,,does that count???!!??

Fall is here and that means a lot of things.....School is in full swing...Andrew is in 4th grade, Emily is in 2nd grade and Daniel is in Pre-K three days/week. Fall also means soccer and this fall, even our youngest soccer player is officially playing. He is so excited, even scoring two goals yesterday!!!! They are all playing well and exciting at three different levels of play...

They are having fun everyday no matter what they are doing. We are truly blessed with these three kiddos!!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy July!!!!!!

July has been a fantastic month for our family. We had a wonderful fourth of July weekend at Lake Latonka. Then we celebrated Daniel's fourth birthday, going to Camp Pioneer for a week. Scott was the camp nurse for the week and the rest of the family had a blast. We returned home for a family birthday party for Daniel and Andrew (on Scott's birthday!!!) The next day was Andrew's 10th birthday. Celebrating with a lunch at chick fil A and dinner at the baseball coaches' house for his team. We had a blast. Five days later we left for Myrtle Beach for a week's vacation with some of Scott's family. We are there now in a beach house on Pawley's this blog is done....................have a wave to catch!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bubble Wrap!!???!!!

Interesting title I know.......

Someone just suggested we wrap Daniel in it!!! Not because he is crazy active, running, jumping, etc. but because as of last week, we had the second child in this family with a broken bone.....We go almost 10 years with none and then Emily broke her wrist in May and last week Andrew broke his left index finger during Basketball camp!!!

Another reason for the bubble wrap title is because we recently got lots of it when Scott's Father's Day/Birthday present arrived. He finally got his 5 bike carrier for the back of the van. He is so happy. I guess that means Mom has to get back to bike riding, hasn't happened since pregnancy of Andrew!!!!

Third reason for bubble wrap title-----What could be easier to entertain your kids than bubble wrap. You can jump, stomp, ride bikes on it, all for free and nobody gets hurt!!!! Other fun summer things-silly string, splashing in the pool, chalk drawings on the driveway, and melting popsicles down your shirt!!!!!

Happy summer to all.....and pray we do not have to visit the x-ray dept. for a while!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Is it summer yet????

By looking at my last blog in March about the beginning of spring, it seems like I may post once a season!!!!!!!! Not really, just time passing so fast and every day bringing us another reason to be busy and not at the computer (not so bad!!!!)

Spring does bring an additional series of responsibilites and time consumers-----yard work, grass cutting, planting, weeding and general outside time. Add in soccer season, baseball season, end of scouting events, etc. etc. summer in knocking on the door!!!!
Kids are all doing well and bringing joy and excitement to every day.......Andrew is nearing end of 3rd grade and has excelled in his reading....He has earned so many rewards it is unbelievable. Hope to keep the reading and math excitement up during the summer, between bike rides and trampouline jumping!!!!!
Emily loved 1st grade. She recently moved over from Daisies to Brownies and had our first mother/daughter sleep over. It was so much fun. About a week later, she fell off the monkey bars at school recess and broke her right wrist. Thankful for no other injuries and seems to be healing.
And then there's, funny, spirited Daniel!!!! I know he loves the Steelers but he is rooting for the Penguins now.....He is such a sports fan it is unbelievable .......He is done with preschool and will go to Mt. Olive's Pre-K class this fall. His speech has improved dramatically from a 26 month old level last May to a 50 month old level this May!!!! As he would say....Purrrrrrfect!!!!! He's been fishing as much as he can and just runs, runs, runs all over the place.
Life is good, always interesting......I promise to post again before the first leaf falls!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

We'll it is spring and I think we are being defined by the things that keep us busy in the spring.....yardwork and sports......

Scott prayed for rain this week for all his new grass plantings and we was thrilled at two days of rain, followed by a day of sunshine. Keeping Daniel out of the new grass areas isn't easy but that's life with an active 3 year old..Hopefully we'll get the new trampoline up soon and he can watch the grass grow between jumps!!!!!

Andrew's basketball season ended last week but baseball season starts today with practices and his and Emily's soccer season starts next week with practice and their first games. Being that we still have swimming lessons and boy and girl scouts, lets say the mom mobile continues to be busy and Daniel gets to visit all his friends at all the activities!!!!
We pray that illnesses are behind us for now. I was at the pediatrician's office 3 out of the 4 Mondays in March, with each one of the kids having an illness. Let's pray for an uneventful Monday and a quiet April (except for the cheering at the games!!!!!)
Happy Spring.............

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring is coming!!!!!

One week to spring and the Rodenbecks are getting ready.

Scott planted spinach about a week ago and he planted some more today. Once he starts buying seeds, there is no stopping him. Daniel and Emily especially like to help him so he can't help himself!!!! They like to pick things after they grow too so they are a big help all season long...

We just finished dismantling our trampoline that we've had in the back yard for about 5 years. Friends had it before us and things were beginning to dry rot and replacement parts cost more than the whole tramp. We bought a new one (smaller than the old one, Scott is sad!!) the day after Thanksgiving and we be glad to get it out of the garage. We'll post a picture when we get it up!!!! Hopefully in the new few weeks.

Another sign of spring is Scott trying to get the grass under control. He had me buy a bunch of lawn products last weekend and he's been pulling out dead stuff and grubs from the lawn today. He loves this time of year!!

Daniel has been enjoying seeing daffodils, crocus, etc. started to pop out of the ground. He really gets it this year!!!

We also know it's spring because yesterday started garage sale/rummage sale season and we know how much Scott loves that!!!

You would think spring is his favorite season..(fall is!!!) But loves the fact that new fun times outside are ahead..........

Monday, March 2, 2009

I know it's been three weeks since I've blogged.......Why?????

If I look back at the calendar since February 14th, the days are filled with activities, appointments, parties, etc. We are always busy, always together, always filling our days with fun, but.........

I guess when Mom washes the same dishes, folds the same clothes, drives the same routes, things seem routine and boring.......but bored is NEVER a word that I can I be bored with watching three kids grow up, have fun with friends, whatever we are doing, we are happy but maybe it doesn't always fit into the adventure category......I guess an adventure is what you make of it.........

If it means getting all three kids through swimming lessons, we had an adventure. If it means, Daniel's speech is improving and all their reading is improving, we have an adventure. If it means selling Girl Scout cookies and candy bars for Boy Scouts, we have an adventure. If it means cleaning up toys, games, and balls from the family room each day, it means we've had an adventure that day.
Life and adventures are what you make of it........not boring and always changing......

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day Picture

at the bottom of the blog...sorry

Happy Valentines Day

Our family's Valentines Day included family swimming with three in lessons and then later our attempt to roller skate at an old fashinioned rink in Ellwood City. Take a dad, a mom who hasn't skated since the 70's, a 9 year old who didn't want to be embarrassed, a seven year old who tried hard and a 3 year old who flip flopped all over the place and didn't complain!!!! The pictures will never tell the story.
Scott and I used a gift card and a free babysitter (Papa Tom) and went to Applebees and then brought home a movie to watch with the kids.
Last night, Emily and Scott attended a father/daughter dance and had a ball. Enjoy the picture.
Happy Valentines Day to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This is our Emily's new look!!!!! Just beautiful in her new glasses.....Happy to have them and should help her reading. She is thrilled........

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yes, We Won!!!!!

I know it's been a week since the Steelers won the Super Bowl but I was waiting for all the hype to filter out, great pictures to filter in, and time to catch up from it all!!!!

We enjoyed watching most of the game with friends at Marc's house and later on mom and two little ones went home in the third quarter. We loved the ending (too close for me!!!) and I got to whisper in Daniel's sleeping ear that the Steelers won the Super Bowl.
Scott and his Dad went into Pittsburgh on Tuesday for the celebration parade and watched it near the Convention Center. They had a blast and of course squeezed in a trip to the Strip District for fresh tofu and other assorted goodies!!!!!
We do love the Steelers and enjoyed seeing an awesome Super Bowl Game........

Saturday, January 31, 2009

What a differnece a day makes....

My last blog was such a sign of excitement, Steelers in the Super Bowl.....Yeh!!!!! Trust me, there is excitement all around us....People spending money, Steeler Stuff everywhere, reason to have favorite fun foods, etc.

But..........sometimes God reminds us that football, sports, etc. isn't everything (I totally agree!!!)
The same day I had our last post, was the same day that we found out that my sister-in-law Sarah's (Todd's wife) mom had a massive stroke in Wisconsin. She survived the time it took for someone to get help to her but tragically, she passed away last Sunday at age 61. Thursday was her service and tomorrow Todd's family flies back to SC to face life as it is now. This tradgedy is beyond words but our prayers are with the entire family as they use the faith in God that they have to face another day.
In this same period of time, a good friend is watching her mom worsen every day from the effects of MS. Another friend's mom (age 72) fell, broke her ankle, and crawled in the dark to get help. Another friend from church was at a church dinner Saturday night and Sunday morning had no strength in her legs to walk. She thankfully is slowly making progress.
My own Emily had a week long, itchy, awful case of fifth disease and now this week is in her fourth day of some virus and has not been able to keep anything down since Wednesday.
We all have stories to tell of sadness, sorrow, pain and maybe some fun at a Super Bowl Party is what some need to escape reality a little bit but it is also a time to remember that no matter who wins or loses, life goes on.
What a difference a day makes...........

Monday, January 19, 2009

Here we go Steelers, Here we go!!!!!!

We're going to the Super Bowl......(not us but the Steelers!!!!!!)

Our family is so excited. We have this 9 year old who knows everything about the Steelers, stats, bad plays, players, everything.....He has taught us so much!! Then we have the 3 year old that loves to tell everyone "Go Steelers" and that his favorite player is "Ben Roethlisberger" (which sounds so cute coming from him). Then the rest of us who enjoy football snacking (instead of a real dinner) and fellowshiping (Scott's part!!!!).

The real, true Steeler fans and the team who have endured bitter cold temps the last two games will hopefully get rewards with the Florida temps for the Super Bowl.
Luv ya black and Gold!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Don't Cry Daniel!!!!!!

Well, after 9 1/2 years of being a mom, I found a new way to make a 3 year old cry........remove the Christmas Tree from the house, after one month of enjoying it. Daniel cried and cried yesterday as I took the ornaments off, explained the tree was going outside, and then taking it out. Like I need any more guilt......especially because this was the freshest tree we've had and you could literally count the number of needles that fell off!!! It is decorating our driveway amidst the beautiful white snow that continues to fall.

I hope he is not in therapy for this!!!!!! What should we do next year???

On the opposite side of emotions, we took the kids to Sesame Street Live on Sunday and I could not capture Daniel's smile on camera, he was so excited!!!! Then we followed that with a Steelers Win!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I should take the tree out next year before we see Elmo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


You bet............Four little letters........S N O W !!!!!!!!

We've had about 8 inches in the last 24 hours, now changing to rain a little bit.

Kids got to shovel snow, play in the street (no plowing until about noon today!!!),
sled ride and just have fun.

Emily and I just finished pelting snow balls from outside while Daniel was inside the front glass door.....What easy fun!!!!!

We may make a snowman later today, while Daddy is at work.

Have fun where you are (even in a sunny state). This kind of fun only happens a few times a year so we really enjoy it when we can!!!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Back on Schedule

Everyone seems to be back on a schedule of some sort this week. School and preschool is back in session, Boy Scouts, Daisies, etc. etc. Everyone (moms I should say!!!!) I have talked to this week was ready for Christmas break to be done but it sure was fun!!!! It is fun to have a relaxed pace and look for fun things to do each day instead of having things planned for us by school and sports schedules!!!!!
The January calendar is filling up already!!! Andrew has his first basketball game tomorrow in a league of his classmates, etc. They practiced in December and start to have games each Saturday for 6-8 weeks. We'll see how he likes it.
We have entered a new world........Emily is a Daisy (part of Girl Scouts) and we had our "Cookie Selling" meeting last night. Girl Scout Cookies are now on sale!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone says yes to her becase she doesn't take rejection well!!! We have enough friends addicted to these cookies that she shouldn't have much trouble!!!!
All I have to say before I go is........GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!