Saturday, March 28, 2009

We'll it is spring and I think we are being defined by the things that keep us busy in the spring.....yardwork and sports......

Scott prayed for rain this week for all his new grass plantings and we was thrilled at two days of rain, followed by a day of sunshine. Keeping Daniel out of the new grass areas isn't easy but that's life with an active 3 year old..Hopefully we'll get the new trampoline up soon and he can watch the grass grow between jumps!!!!!

Andrew's basketball season ended last week but baseball season starts today with practices and his and Emily's soccer season starts next week with practice and their first games. Being that we still have swimming lessons and boy and girl scouts, lets say the mom mobile continues to be busy and Daniel gets to visit all his friends at all the activities!!!!
We pray that illnesses are behind us for now. I was at the pediatrician's office 3 out of the 4 Mondays in March, with each one of the kids having an illness. Let's pray for an uneventful Monday and a quiet April (except for the cheering at the games!!!!!)
Happy Spring.............

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