Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bubble Wrap!!???!!!

Interesting title I know.......

Someone just suggested we wrap Daniel in it!!! Not because he is crazy active, running, jumping, etc. but because as of last week, we had the second child in this family with a broken bone.....We go almost 10 years with none and then Emily broke her wrist in May and last week Andrew broke his left index finger during Basketball camp!!!

Another reason for the bubble wrap title is because we recently got lots of it when Scott's Father's Day/Birthday present arrived. He finally got his 5 bike carrier for the back of the van. He is so happy. I guess that means Mom has to get back to bike riding, hasn't happened since pregnancy of Andrew!!!!

Third reason for bubble wrap title-----What could be easier to entertain your kids than bubble wrap. You can jump, stomp, ride bikes on it, all for free and nobody gets hurt!!!! Other fun summer things-silly string, splashing in the pool, chalk drawings on the driveway, and melting popsicles down your shirt!!!!!

Happy summer to all.....and pray we do not have to visit the x-ray dept. for a while!!!!

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